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Logistics Manufacturing Services

DOF Cargo combines value-added services in Logistics and unique Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS) to help customers maximize their profits and stay ahead of the competition. Adding to our comprehensive value-added services (VAS), we are increasingly offering more complex Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS) to our customers. This new LMS offering includes manufacturing assembly and testing, technical distribution, installation and product life cycle extension services such as repair, reconfiguration and reselling. We combine our global network of dispersed facilities with our manufacturing capabilities, thereby pushing manufacturing operations down the supply chain and closer to the end user. In this new postponement model, rather than centralizing production in one location, manufacturing is broken down into various stages at several locations. Products are only configured and finished at the final stage of the supply chain after receiving the order. This prevents products that are out of fashion or technologically obsolete from being delivered to market and it reduces risks arising from market uncertainties, which is particularly valuable for products with short life cycles.

Matching Inventory to consumer Demand

With our unique approach to inventory planning and demand forecasting, co-developed with leading academics, we enable our customers to forecast and position their inventories to match consumer demand. With this approach, our customers can maximize their sales at the best possible cost and with the least amount of capital tied up in inventory.

Advanced Analytics

Having many touch points with our customers’ products over long periods of time has provided us with a wealth of data that we systematically mine and put to use. We work with a number of integrated leading-edge applications to analyze, design, implement and transform logistics setups faster and to manage assets more efficiently.

Centralized Management and Technology

Logistics Manufacturing Services (LMS) is DOF Cargo’s response to a rapidly changing global manufacturing and supply chain landscape where speed to market, product customization and the influence of the end consumer are of paramount importance.Large companies, especially but not exclusively in the technology sector, are rethinking their manufacturing strategies and redesigning their global supply chains as two major manufacturing trends are unfolding: Production is moving closer to the end user again and more and more products are being customized.Over the past 30 years, the globalization of trade has led to a concentration of manufacturing services in countries with low labor costs. In the technology sector, this concentration was driven by Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies.

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